Summer Programs

Children attending this year’s summer programs are in store for fun, adventure and new discoveries!  Our schoolage children will be exploring the great outdoors with visits to Rouge Valley Conservation Area, Enniskillen Conservation Area, Darlington Conservation Area, Kortright Conservation Area, Heber Downs Conservation Area, Bruce's Mill and Greenwood Conservation Area.  Our toddlers, preschool and Kindergarten children will have the adventure brought to them with story tellers, co-operative games, animal stampede, fun fitness, dance, mad scientists and music!  Follow our Facebook page as we post pictures of our fun, our finds and our friends!


Outdoor Leadership Camp 2017

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The highlights included………………

~The Toddlers/Preschoolers/Kindergarteners enjoyed some special activities such as:


  1. Dancing free spiritedly as some ballet, jazz and ‘bounce’ was introduced
  2. Learning to take the world slowly while relaxing with Yoga moves
  3. Keeping fit with fun filled exercising
  4. Story tellers sharing and exposing us to how seasonal trees develop from seeds
  5. More music to help us appreciate it and be moved by it
  6. Cooperative sports – not about competition but collaborating as we come together jointly
  7. Mad Scientists creating fun and icky experiments


~The Schoolagers romped about while on excursions to:

  1. Rouge Valley to learn about the park history, frogs and trees!
  2. Petticoat Creek enjoying their fun splash pad to keep cool in the heat
  3. Enniskillen was fun filled with geocaching treasure seeking, & games learned and played
  4. Cobourg Beach – its more than just a BEACH!
  5. Darlington Park gave the opportunity to learn about skipping stones, water concerns, & more
  6. Heber Downs offered minnows, crayfish and frogs!!!!
  7. Greenwood Conservation Park offered opportunities for hiking along the trails & seeing nature


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And what did the children comment about this summer?..........

“Fun!”   “Learned new games like Tic Tac Toe.”  “I loved just everything.”

“Nature is Interesting!”   “We walked a lot of trails.”   “Where are more animals?” “It was beautiful land!”    

“I learned about birds and frogs and painted turtles!”    “Fish poo in seaweed”   “Perfect weather!”

“How to know the difference between some trees!”  “The Dog Strangling Vine hurts other plants!”

“Butterflies lay their eggs on the milk weed plant” “We should save the animals.” “Skipping rocks is fun!”

“People can be nice.” “My thoughts are that its fun and enjoying (to go on trips).” “Enjoying nature is work!”

“Water is important to take on trips”     “History can be about garbage dumps and incinerators.”

“Rouge Valley was named by French Explorers”          “I love Rouge Valley but hate bugs.”

“I liked eating snack outside.” “Enjoyed the bird hunt (to find them).” “Learned about deer horn trees.”

” One tree grows antler branches and they lost them each year and then growed back”.

Keep watching our calendar for more details on ‘Summer 2017’!


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