Schoolhouse Playcare Centres provide meals and snacks that are well balanced and nutritious. All before/after school program (❶see list below) provide a morning and afternoon snack. All full facilities (❷see list below) provide morning and afternoon snack as well as a home-cooked meal at lunch for all children in the infant, toddler or preschool programs. All snacks and meals are prepared on site and meet the necessary health requirements for safe food handling.

❶ Altona Forest, Blair Ridge, Brooklin Village, Captain Michael VandenBos, Eagle Ridge, Fallingbrook, Julie Payette, Robert Munsch, Romeo Dallaire, Sir Samuel Steele, Westcreek, Whitby Shores and Williamsburg
❷ Applecroft, Cadarackque, Glen Dhu, Highbush, John Dryden, Lincoln Alexander, Ormiston, Pine Ridge, Roland Michener, Ormiston, Sinclair, Stephen Saywell and Valley Farm

All of the snacks that are served in our before/after school programs had a thorough review by a licensed dietician who provided Schoolhouse Playcare Centres with a letter of endorsement (see below). 

Menu Letter

Menu Letter 2015


Week 1

Updated Week 2

Updated Week 3

Updated Week 4

Week 5



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Substitutions may occur for cultural or dietary restrictions. Substitutions may occur for allergies.


Pediatric Nutrition Consultant

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