Schoolhouse Playcare Centres is a non-profit, charitable organization
As a non-profit, charitable organization, Schoolhouse Playcare Centres is accountable for ensuring that we invest our revenue into the primary activities of our organization (delivering quality early learning and child care programs) and that we are prudent in the use of our financial resources. We do not exist with a primary goal to make a profit and if we do earn a profit, we re-invest it into the needs, the activities and the overall betterment of the organization. Schoolhouse Playcare maintains the belief that it is ethically and morally wrong to make a profit at the expense of children and families.


Schoolhouse Playcare Centres is located in a school near you
One of the most important aspects of a quality child care program for Kindergarten and schoolage children is the ongoing connection between the child care and school professionals. This partnership relies on effective communication and is key to making a child's day as seamless as possible. Being located within the school allows for regular communication about children's learning and development and it supports consistent learning strategies and outcomes. It also facilitates opportunities for ongoing dialogue, for consistent practices and for fewer transitions for children.


Even those children who have not yet entered the school system can benefit from a program that is located within a school. Providing children and their parents with familiarity in the school environment will not only ease their transition into school, but also will provide both children and parents with resources pertaining to their child's education. Our child care staff have first-hand knowledge about Full Day Kindergarten, they can connect parents with school staff, and their understanding of the school environment supports their early learning program and promotes collaboration.

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